Strength Calc is now included

We recently updated the Golden Retriever App to integrate the wood strength calculations that used to be only available as a separate add-on module. In the process we also revamped the look and feel of the strength calculation section to make it easier to navigate.

If you would like to integrate wood pole strength calculations into one of your dictionaries simple specify a Strength Calc field. When the user clicks on the field they will be shown the Strength Calculation screen where they can:

  • Enter any information they haven’t already entered in the main collection form
  • Select the damage seen on the pole
  • and complete the calculation

The results of the calculation are stored in the Strength Calc field in the main collection form as well all the user entered values are appended to the “comment” field in the main collection form. This way the results of the calculation can be readily recreated back at the office.

Currently the calculations are only for symmetrical internal/external decay, but we plan to add more types of decay and missing sections soon.