New web portal and app update

It has been a long time since I have posted an update and we have been busy. Since the spring we have been pushing development into overdrive for everyone’s favorite asset management platform 🙂

We decided that before we start adding in a bunch of new modules that are on our roadmap *cough* integrated GIS into the web portal *cough* that I should spend some time updating the web portal as well as the Android application.

This summer we launched a new version of the web portal and have received nothing but positive feedback from our clients. Mind you, our clients are the greatest and I doubt they would ever say anything negative anyway, but I do truly believe they were sincere. When the original web portal was released over four years ago the plan was for it to be a way for people to simply download their collected asset data. Nice and simple. I had no idea at the time we would also be providing the abilities for clients to manage their own license keys, create some intense custom reporting, and have clients who needed to download over a thousand photos a day from the web portal!

The new web portal takes into account that for a lot of our clients they spend just as much time in the web portal as they do in the app, so the experience should be a pleasurable one. And we are still not finished with the web portal. There are plans to provide full user management abilities to our clients so that they can not only create and manage employee accounts but also be able to create and manage limited user accounts that can be provided to their customers. This way their customer can log in, view just the data pertaining to them, generate reports, and view photos without needing to bother the client. This is something I am very excited to start working on and release to the web portal.

However, once the new web portal was released I began working almost 100% on the new mobile applications. That’s right, application is plural 🙂

Before the end of the year we should be releasing a new Android and an iOS application! There are clients that have been very patiently waiting for an iOS version of Golden Retriever and I can safely say your wait is almost over. The initial version is going to be labeled “beta” for a few months as we know there are going to be growing pains with the brand new code base. I have pretty much re-wrote the entire mobile application from scratch. It is so exciting to have it so close to being released to the app stores!

Please keep sending in any feature requests or comments to and have a fantastic rest of your week!

Your friendly developer,
Dave Umrysh