Hide dictionaries from the crew’s devices

As Golden Retriever grows in age we encountered an interesting issue. Some of our clients have been with us since the very beginning and now have years worth of collection dictionaries/databases for some of their contracts. Although they would like to keep this data accessible via the web portal for historical reference, there is no longer a need to have these old dictionaries accessible to their crews via their devices.

So as of today there is an option to hide a dictionary from the devices.

When you log into the web portal you will see a new check box located below the statistics for each of your dictionaries. Activating/checking the box will stop the dictionary (and any attached databases and files) from downloading to the devices the next time the user selects “Refresh Dictionary List” from the App’s menu.

[ NOTE: The check box is only available to be toggled by those that have editing rights to the particular dictionary]


Strength Calc is now included

We recently updated the Golden Retriever App to integrate the wood strength calculations that used to be only available as a separate add-on module. In the process we also revamped the look and feel of the strength calculation section to make it easier to navigate.

If you would like to integrate wood pole strength calculations into one of your dictionaries simple specify a Strength Calc field. When the user clicks on the field they will be shown the Strength Calculation screen where they can:

  • Enter any information they haven’t already entered in the main collection form
  • Select the damage seen on the pole
  • and complete the calculation

The results of the calculation are stored in the Strength Calc field in the main collection form as well all the user entered values are appended to the “comment” field in the main collection form. This way the results of the calculation can be readily recreated back at the office.

Currently the calculations are only for symmetrical internal/external decay, but we plan to add more types of decay and missing sections soon.


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Multiple license keys on one device

Today we pushed an update to the App that will allow clients to maintain multiple license keys on a single device. It may seem like a weird feature to implement but we have had numerous clients ask if this could be done.

The main use case is for when you are required to complete work for two different companies that are both using Golden Retriever. In the past you would have had to change the license key back and forth each time you were changing between the jobs. Now you simply add all your license keys inside the app and all the dictionaries and databases for the license keys will be accessible at all times.


Attachments & Signatures

We added two new features to Golden Retriever in today’s update 🙂

Do you need to have a document at the user’s fingertips while they are entering a record? Now you can easily attach files to a collection dictionary. Some possibilities include Safety Data Sheets or the specs/manual for the machine the user is working on.

We even built in a PDF viewer if your device doesn’t have one installed.
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New field type : Hidden Fields

As per the request of a client we have added a new field type into Golden Retriever. The newly added “Hidden” fields are perfect when you require certain data to be attached to every record but it is not necessary for your users to see this data while inputting new records.

For example lets assume you have an unique internal database number assigned to every asset in your system. Every record created for this asset must include this internal database number but the user out at the job site does not need to know this number or will ever be allowed to alter it.

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