No Internet, No Problem

Golden Retriever provides multiple ways to auto upload data; Data and Photos, Data Only, or Manual Upload Only. If you are in an area with limited Internet or do not have a data plan on your device we can set up offline databases that are automatically downloaded to your devices before they leave your office.

Unlimited Photos

Take unlimited photos when entering a new asset record. The photos are automatically linked to the asset data. When downloading the data from the Golden Retriever website we can set up export templates that not only format the collected data to fit your requirements, but also name the photos in the convention you choose. You can also define the require dimensions and file size of the exported photos.

Sub-meter GPS via Bluetooth

The majority of Android devices will provide you with a GPS accuracy of 3 meters CEP. If you require sub-meter accuracy it is as simple as pairing a sub-meter device via Bluetooth to the Android device. Golden Retriever will then pull all its coordinates from the paired device. This also means the GPS transponder need only be within Bluetooth range. The Android device can stay in the truck while another crew member takes the GPS unit to the asset.

Integrated Mapping

If your data contains GPS coordinates Golden Retriever will allow you to view them on the built in Google Map. Clicking on an icon will bring up all the asset information for that particular location. You can then choose whether to create a new asset record based on the displayed information, or modify the existing record on the server. Once the new record has been uploaded to the servers Golden Retriever will automatically color the icon green. You no longer need to worry about where you left off the previous day or if another crew has already cataloged the asset.

Also, if you are required to visit an asset and are not sure how to get to it simply search for it with Golden Retriever and click on the GPS coordinates in the returned record. You will automatically be given driving directions via Google’s turn-by-turn navigation directly to the asset.

Specialized Fields

We want to make data entry as simple as possible for yourself and your crews and that means building form fields that do more. Whether it is a field that simply increments or decrements with each subsequent record or a field that will pull down the current weather conditions for where you are standing. The less free-form text entry fields in your collection form, the less the chance for human error. And also, the more efficient your crews will be.

In those cases when we cannot utilize a special field and must utilize free-form text entry Golden Retriever at least gives the user the option on whether to fill the subsequent asset record fields with the last data entered.

Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simply based on how many devices you wish to have Golden Retriever installed on. We do not charge for any updates or new features we add to the base Golden Retriever program which is the reason we charge a licensing fee instead of a one-time purchase fee. Accounts are billed monthly (via based on how many keys you have active. So if you need to ramp up you simply log into the website and add more keys, and when the season is over you can remove all the keys you won’t be using. Maintaining a single key all that is required to keep your account active.

Individual License Plan
(1 license key)
$25 / month
and $25 for each additional user
Small License Plan
(5 license keys)
$95 / month
and $19 for each additional user
Medium License Plan
(25 license keys)
$375 / month
and $15 for each additional user
Large License Plan
(50 license keys)
$700 / month
and $14 for each additional user

All these plans include the cost of us hosting your data and we cover the bandwidth for your searches and uploads. Contact us to learn more.